BEMA Board Recruitment Toolkit

Attracting qualified, motivated board members is critical to the effectiveness and sustainability of our organization, so the job of growing our board is about more than just filling vacancies. It is about being strategic in the way we look at its composition related to its responsibilities and secure the people we need at the board table to achieve our organizational goals.

This toolkit is designed to help you prepare to engage in the recruitment process for the Board of Directors.

This toolkit includes:

  • FAQ’s about the Nomination Process
  • Candidate Application Form
  • Recruitment & Selection Process Schedule
  • Supplementary thought-provoking articles about “serving on a board”

This toolkit is ideal for:

  • A current member of BEMA, who  has thought about serving on the Board of Directors
  • Someone who is interested in nominating a colleague in the industry
  • Professionals in the industry who serve in a leadership position in their company

BEMA Board Nomination Form

Click here to download the BEMA Board Nomination Form.

BEMA Board Nomination FAQ

The following FAQs describe what it means to be a member of the BEMA Board:



Potential Board of Director Nominees Criteria:

 Must be a member of BEMA;

  • Must have attended Summit and Convention a minimum of three times;
  • Must be enthusiastic and supportive of the mission and vision of the association;
  • Should have previous experience in working on BEMA committees;
  • Should have excellent relationships with people;
  • Should have vision and be innovative; and
  • Must be in a leadership position in their company



The Board of Directors generally meets three times face to face and three one-hour conference calls annually. Face to face meetings are held in various locations and usually takes 2-3 days. Board Members are expected to study board materials in advance of the meetings. Additionally, they can chair a standing committee and participate as an ad-hoc committee member if appointed.



 BEMA staff creates a file for each nominee that includes his or her completed nomination form.  The nominee will be considered for appointment as vacancies occur. Submitting the application does not guarantee that one will be appointed to serve on the Board of Directors.  Nominees who are being considered for appointment will be contacted by phone or mail.  If a person is not selected in a particular year, the candidate will be offered an opportunity to update their nomination forms.


What do board members do?

  • Oversee the governance of BEMA.
  • Set strategic direction for the association to meet the needs of members
  • Review and approve proposed budget and dues structure. Ensures resources are managed properly
  • Evaluate executive performance.
  • Serve as an ambassador for BEMA.
  • Establishes a vision and outlines goals to reach the vision
  • Articulates the mission that sustains the vision


How long do board members serve?

Elected members serve three-year terms.


Are board members compensated?

Board members receive no compensation or honoraria for their services.

BEMA Board Nomination Process And Timeline


  • The Committee issues a Board-wide call for Nominations for candidates (if applicable/openings).
  • The Committee collects all nominations and assures that all are properly submitted with complete information.
  • Newly additional candidates are added to the list of previously vetted candidates.
  • The Nomination Committee is assembled to vet candidates and make recommendations for the following:
    • Slate of Officers for the upcoming year
    • Selection of 3rd Vice Chairman
    • New Board Members
    • Board Members Renewing Next Term
  • The Slate is reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • The Slate is presented/ and floor nominations are called for at the Annual Convention for approval by the General Membership.



  • Nomination Chairman meets with the President & CEO to discuss openings; Determine members of the nomination committee based on composition requirements
  • Issue a call for nominations


  • Meeting of the Nomination Committee is held prior to the April Executive Committee Call
  • Slate is presented at the April Executive Committee Meeting


  • Individuals are notified by a call from the Chair of the Nomination Committee regarding their nomination


  • During the General Membership, nominations from the floor are allowed; being none, the slate approved by the board is presented for vote to the General Membership.


  • Newly appointed Board member/s receive a New Board Member Welcome Letter and Packet from BEMA

Articles About Serving On An Executive Board

Click here to read excerpts from articles that we believe highlight what is expected of those serving on the BEMA Executive Board.