2024 BEMA Baker Dinner Registration

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Connect with customers in a small-group setting. BEMA will organize groups of bakers and suppliers for a personal dinner experience. Registered spouses and adult guests are invited to attend small group dinners, we do ask that you make other arrangements for children or teens during small group dinners.

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2024 BEMA Baker Dinner Registration Form

2024 BEMA Baker Dinner Registration

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Please choose the dates that you would like to have dinner with a baker:


Please rank your top 15 bakers in order of preference with 1 being your most preferred and 15 being your least preferred.

Simply enter numbers 1-15 by the baker name. It is highly recommended that you complete preferences 1-15 for the best opportunity of a baker dinner match.

John Mulloy, Vice President of Operations, 151 Foods
Alexander Salameh, Chief Operating Officer, Bakery de France
Dominique Bohec, President & CEO, Bakery Humanity
Xochilt Cruz, Vice President of Operations , Bimbo Bakeries USA
Edgar Jaramillo, Senior Vice President, Operations , Bimbo Bakeries USA
Kathleen Robbins, Vice President, North America R&D Center of Excellence, Bimbo Bakeries USA
Kathy Sargent , Senior Director of Baking Technology, Bimbo Bakeries USA
Luis Vargas, Vice President of Engineering, Bimbo Bakeries USA
Brian Owens, CEO, Café Valley
Remberto Pablos, Vice President of Operations, Café Valley
Jeff Teasdale, Business Team Engineering Manager, Campbell's Snacks
Sarah Tscanos, Senior Research Scientist, Campbell's Snacks
Jeff Miller, Senior Director of Global Engineering and Reliability, CH Guenther & Sons
Casey Young, Director, Research & Development, Conagra
Joe Yeatts, Senior Project Manager, Dessert Holdings
Brandon Heiser, President & COO, Diana's Bakery
Margaret Ann Marsh, Senior Vice President, Safety, Sustainability & Environmental, Flowers Foods
Paul Rainey, Senior Vice President, Operations Support , Flowers Foods
Robert Ray, Vice President of Network Optimization, Flowers Foods
Molly Schmidt, Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, Flowers Foods
Jeff Shura, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Flowers Foods
Tom Winters, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Flowers Foods
Karl Thorson, Global Food Safety and Sanitation Manager, General Mills
Brad Zimmerly, Project Director, Gold Medal Bakery
Eugenio Alvarez, Vice President, Global Engineering and Assest Management, Grupo Bimbo
Luis Villareal, Director of Global Procurement, Grupo Bimbo
Amalio Suarez, Global Engineering and Planning Director, Grupo Bimbo
Stephanie Kelly, Facility Leader, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Transportation, H E B
Ron Scott, Managing Director of Bakery and Snacks, H E B
Joe Amboyer, Senior Vice President of Operations, JTM Foods
James Walton, Senior R&D Process Engineer Lead, King's Hawaiian
R.T. Tepsic, Director, Bakery Operations, Lineage Logistics
Chad Larson, Chief Operating Officer, Mel-O-Cream Donuts
Keng Sun Mar, Principal, Monde MY San/Monde Nissan
Mike Porter, President & COO, NHB Holdings, LLC
Rob Cotton, R&D Director, Packaging Sustainable Materials, PepsiCo
Richard Ybarra, Senior Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Publix Super Markets
Bill Quigg, Server, President, CEO, Richmond Baking
Paul Trujullio, Vice President Engineering, Rise Baking Company
OJ DeSouza, Owner, Signature Baking
David Van Vught, Corporate Engineer, Toufayan


Small Group Baker Dinners are a highly curated experience that includes surveying and coordination of guest groups, reservation management, personal invitations and transportation (if needed).  Ticket pricing does NOT include the cost of the actual dinner.  The cost of each dinner will be split between the suppliers in attendance.  Bakers are hosted guests at small group dinners.

If multiple members of the same supplier company are attending Convention, each registered member is welcome to complete their own baker dinner survey.  Teams of suppliers will not be assigned to the same small group dinner.

Friday, June 28th
Sunday, June 30th

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