BEMA Committees

BEMA Standing Committees

Are you new to BEMA and looking for a way to learn about the organization?

Maybe you are a long-time member that would like to be more involved?

Joining one of our committees is a great way to do both!


BEMA has three active committees, providing a variety of industry-related focus topics and projects.

Click below to see details for each committee.

Convention & Programs

Purpose: To develop the program of speakers for Convention and Summit based on direction developed with the chairman of the board.

Chair persons: Eric Riggle, Jason Ward, Audrey St. Onge

Staff Liaison: Emily Bowers

Membership Value & Engagement

Purpose: Be the voice of our members to the Board of Directors; Develop strategies for membership recruitment and retention; Engage non-active members to participate; Grow value and resources for membership.

Chair persons: Joanie Spencer, Craig Souser, Mike LaValle

Staff Liaison: Kelly Allen

Association Outreach & Engagement

Purpose: Build strong collaborations with associations; Grow opportunities to give exposure to BEMA members; Investigate most effective means to increase association access, influence and reach.

Chair persons: Mark Podl, Mike Pierce

Staff Liaison: Kerwin Brown

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