Baking Industry Forum

Baking Industry Forum (BIF)

What is BIF?

BIF is a small group of bakers and suppliers who come together to discuss topics and issues facing the commercial baking industry.  The group provides the industry with a strong resource for ideas and expertise based on research and years of experience.  Issues they have tackled in the past include preparations for FSMA, the importance of training, how to hire veterans, safety and more.

BIF - Baking Industry Forum
2023 – 2024 Roster




Jordon Hale




Mike LaValle

Corporate Account Manager

Intralox, Inc.


Nick Magistrelli

Vice President of Sales

Rademaker USA, Inc.


Jon Miller

Director of Business Development

A M King


Audrey St. Onge

President & GM

North America Baking


Sergio Caballero

Regional Sales Manager at FoodTools

Eric Cruse

General Manager

Peerless Food Equipment



justus larson

Justus Larson

Corporate Engineer

Franz Family Bakery


John Mulloy, Jr.

Vice President of Operations

151 Foods


Mike Porter

President & COO

New Horizons Baking Company

Rudy Tepsic

Rudy Tepsic

General Manager

Lineage Logistics


Karl Thorson

Food Safety & Sanitation Manager

General Mills


Richard Ybarra

Manager of Manufacturing Maintenance Engineering

Publix Super Markets, Inc


Brandon Heiser


Roskam Baking


BEMA Board Liaisons


Audrey St. Onge

President & GM

North America Baking


Mike LaValle

Corporate Account Manager

Intralox, Inc.



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  • BEMA has announced the addition of seven new members to BIF, the Baking Industry Forum, expanding this team to 18 members. The expanded BIF team met in New Orleans, prior to the BEMA fall board of directors meeting, in a half-day working session to plan their projects for the current term....

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  • Seven new members joined BIF, the Baking Industry Forum, expanding the team to 18 members. The group is comprised of bakers and suppliers and they work together to explore common issues within the baking industry.  New members joining in 2018 include bakers:  John Mulloy (151 Foods),......