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Since 2015, BEMA has been developing and refining its BEMA-U program to bring the best possible education offerings to member companies and the baking industry at large.

The Association offers a full portfolio of leadership and training that range from cohort-style learning – where small groups meets three times over the course of a year to traditional workshops, all of which are built on the Insights Discovery format.

Whether you are a BEMA member, baker customer, are a potential member, we invite you to tap into a new era in professional development.

The BEMA-U Portfolio includes:

Transformational Leadership

BEMA-U Transformational Leadership

Learn To Train

BEMA-U session focused on leadership

Sales Effectiveness

BEMA-U Sales Effectiveness

Sanitary Design

Sanitary Design Workshop

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Transformational Leadership Program

leadership training bema


Your team members are the best of the best, but are you cultivating great leaders? Cultivating leadership within makes for stronger companies and stronger industry. What makes an employee transformational?  Individuals that have vision,  passion and the ability to lead (not just manage) people. They get people to abide by the company vision while inspiring and energizing them.  Move your workforce from good to great with BEMA U’s Transformational Leadership Program.

Through Insights Discovery®, BEMA-U brings innovation to the only multi-session cohort learning experience in the baking industry.  This program ensures that leaders apply their skills to real workplace challenges. Your company realizes immediate ROI in terms of leadership productivity and alignment of leadership values with employee engagement and development. Three sessions, countless breakthroughs and connections.


  • Walk away with an actionable leadership development plan
  • Connect in a learning community with industry professionals
  • Participate in engaging activities that reinforce workshop content
  • Put the skills and processes they learn into practice


Management talent including high potential employees, emerging professionals and mid-level managers from operations, human resources and plant management.


Click here to download the Transformational Leadership syllabus

The program is a three-part series, allowing participants the opportunity to return to their workplace and apply what they have learned between sessions.  This in-depth learning ensures effectiveness in your organization, helps retain top talent, and helps them build their personal peer network.

Session 1:

  • Leadership Purpose
  • Self-Awareness
  • Impact Planning

Session 2:

  • Leadership Vision
  • Functional Teams
  • Managing Performance

Session 3:

  • Leadership Strategy
  • 360 Review Process

Mastering Sales Effectiveness Training

Mastering Sales Effectiveness


With our relationship-based selling approach, meeting your customers’ needs will become as easier than ever. Discovering Sales Effectiveness is for anyone who wants to successfully influence their customers and stakeholders, by dialing up that human connection.

Understanding personal style is key, but it’s the application of that knowledge which can take sales success to the next level. By focusing first on increasing self-awareness in sales people, and helping them adapt their approach to others, we help them identify their customer’s needs upfront and spend less time on overcoming objections. Our Sales Effectiveness program is intensely practical. Filled with exercises and focused on action planning for success, we show you how to apply what you’ve learned once you’re back in the office or out on the road.


  • Learn how to connect with customers using a specific leadership energy style
  • Connect in a learning community with industry professionals
  • Participate in engaging activities that reinforce workshop content
  • Put the skills and processes they learn into practice


New and seasoned sales professional; emerging sales professionals and mid-level managers


Click here to download the Mastering Sales Effectivness syllabus

Team Effectiveness Training

BEMA-U Team Effectiveness Training


Improve rapport, relationships and productivity. Enable teams to achieve their collective goals. Confront problems, inspire success and unlock potential.  Insights Discovery® Team Effectiveness is ideal if you want to:

  • Identify your team’s strengths and challenges
  • Create space for open and honest dialogue within the team
  • Overcome an obstacle that’s holding the team back
  • Develop action plans for continuous improvement


  • Connect in a learning community with industry professionals
  • Participate in engaging activities that reinforce workshop content
  • Put the skills and processes they learn into practice


New employees, team leaders, supervisors, managers, C-Suite leaders, small or large teams.


Click here to download the Team Effectivness Training syllabus

Train the Trainer

BEMA-U Train The Trainer Training

Geared to engineers, installation teams and those on the front line with customers, the workshop’s objectives include understanding how adults process learning and how to help them through a learning curve; identifying techniques to improve participation and maintain high energy throughout training sessions; and identifying training techniques that will reduce training time and increase retention. The workshop also addresses adapting training to the bakery environment.


  • Learn how adults learn and to modify and adapt their delivery style to enhance learning
  • Create learning activities that make workshop content engaging
  • Develop a step by step training process to put into action
  • The standard teaching and learning topics: communication, body language, problem solving, and adult learning principles

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Everyone in your organization that is responsible for training: human resources, service technicians, installation technicians, shift leaders that participate in on-boarding and cross-training.


Click here to download the Train the Trainer syllabus

Training At Your Facility

customized team sales training

BEMA-U Comes To You

BEMA-U now brings one of the leading training programs in the corporate marketplace, Insights Discovery®, directly to our members for effective, turn-key training at your own facility – maximizing your resources and your associates’ time.

Bring BEMA-U to your plant for training on:

  • Learn-to-Train
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness

Insights Discovery® is an indispensable tool in the corporate marketplace that recognizes an individual’s behavior and preferences to help improve communication, decision making, and performance. This training format boasts several key qualities that make it a perfect fit for a variety of training solutions:

  • Simple: Easy to understand and remember so everyone can apply what they learn.
  • Universal: Speaks to everyone – your whole organization will be captivated.
  • Deeply Insightful: Takes you places that you never expected.
  • Positive: Supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.
  • Fun: Energetic and vibrant experiences that create real excitement!

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