2024 BEMA Convention Feedback Survey

It was our pleasure to welcome you to BEMA’s Convention 2024. Terranea was an iconic location to gather, learn and collaborate.  We hope you found the programming timely and relevant, and that you were able to make lasting industry connections.

Continuous improvement is our goal.
Please provide us your feedback below.



BEMA Convention 2024 Feedback
Why did you attend Convention? (Check all that apply)

Please rate the following programming elements (Excellent, Average, Poor, Did not attend)

Alex Weber - Keynote Speaker
Business Session: Snack Sensation
Business Session: PepsiCo Foods Journey to RCBR Compliance
Lunch and Learn: Baking Industry Association Landscape
Ask-A-Baker Interactive Luncheon
Breakfast Breakout: BEMA Intel
Breakfast Breakout: NEXUS 2024
Breakfast Breakout: Baking Industry Forum (BIF)
BEMA General Membership Meeting
Did employees at your company take advantage of the BEMA Convention 2024 Workforce Edition?

Please rate the following UNIQUE NETWORKING EVENTS (Excellent, Average, Poor, Did not attend)

BEMA Cup Golf Tournament
First Time Attendee Welcome Reception
Welcome Reception
Small Group Dinners
BEMA Theme Dinner: Nautical Nights
BEMA Afterglow
BEMA Connect
Chairman’s Reception

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