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BEMA-U Comes to You

BEMA-U now brings one of the leading training programs in the corporate marketplace, Insights Discovery®, directly to our members for effective, turn-key training at your own facility – maximizing your resources and your associates’ time.


Bring BEMA-U to your plant for training on:

  • Learn-to-Train
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Sales Effectiveness

Insights Discovery® is an indispensable tool in the corporate marketplace that recognizes an individual’s behavior and preferences to help improve communication, decision making, and performance. This training format boasts several key qualities that make it a perfect fit for a variety of training solutions:

  • Simple: Easy to understand and remember so everyone can apply what they learn.
  • Universal: Speaks to everyone – your whole organization will be captivated.
  • Deeply Insightful: Takes you places that you never expected.
  • Positive: Supportive language is so engaging it empowers people to change.
  • Fun: Energetic and vibrant experiences that create real excitement!
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Training Programs at Your Facility

Learn more about the Insights Discovery training that we can bring to you.

Sales Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness


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