Baking Industry Forum

BIF - The Baking Industry Forum is a small group of bakers and suppliers who come together to discuss topics and issues facing the commercial baking industry.

Dates Presentation Titles & Resources
June, 2014 Safety Checklist / Certification Alphabet Soup / Project Lifecycle
March, 2014 Energy Efficiency / ABA Energy Page
June, 2013 5 P's of Training / Sosland Article
March, 2013 Hire a Veteran
June, 2012 Safety - People, Products and Consumers
March, 2012 Dream Space - the Future of Commercial Bakery Equipment
June, 2011 Spare Parts / Sanitary Design / Supplier Role in Commercialization
March, 2011 Arc Flash
June, 2010 Inventory and Warrenty
March, 2010 No BIF Presentation
June, 2009 Spare Parts
March, 2009 Project Scope Creep
June, 2008 Training Guide
March, 2008 360 Degree Evaluation and Benchmarking
June, 2007 Case Study - Evaluating Supplier Performance

Additional Resources



Voluntary Safety Checklist 
Voluntary Terms and Conditions
360 Degree Evaluation 
Certification Acronyms Alphabet Soup 

BIF Members 2014-2015

  Robb MacKie
  American Baker’s Association 
  Jeff E. Dearduff
  Mike Pierce
 The Austin Company
  Clay Miller
  Michael Fronczak
  Dawn Foods
  Robert L. Benton
  Flower Foods
  Darren Jackson
  The Henry Group, Inc. 
  Gary Ellington
  Mario Somoza
Pan Pepin
  Jeffrey Teasdale
  Pepperidge Farm
  Jim Warren
  Reading Bakery Systems
  Pat Wilkens
  Schwebel Baking Company
  Matt Ungashick
  Shick USA
  Kerwin Brown
  Gay Poteet