BEMA promotes Bowers to Senior Director

BEMA is pleased to announce the promotion of Emily Bowers as BEMA’s new Senior Director, Education & Operations.  Emily has worked for BEMA for nearly two years and has grown considerably in her scope and contribution to the organization.

In her previous role, Director of Education & Professional Development, she has been highly influential in the sales and delivery of our BEMA-U educational program portfolio. Emily has overseen all developmental and operational aspects of our education programs, has served as our spokesperson throughout the industry, and has worked closely with our member companies to deliver tailored training solutions.  With her direction, BEMA-U has introduced innovative course offerings to the baking industry that have already added great value to many companies.

In addition to maintaining her primary focus on BEMA-U, Emily has shown an exemplary commitment to BEMA and our staff in the areas of human resources, business operations, and strategic planning.  In her new role, she will continue her work in these areas, as well as in conjunction with the Board on the implementation of strategic initiatives and special projects.  Emily’s involvement in the operational leadership of BEMA will benefit the association as we strive to achieve impactful and meaningful goals for our membership.

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