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J&K Ingredients – Jay Hardy
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Mr. Hardy is the National Sales Director for J&K Ingredients. He sits on the BEMA Board of Directors as well as the ASB Board of Directors as program chair. With ASB’s BakingTECH coming up on March 1 in Chicago, Kelly Allen, Membership Manager for BEMA, asked Mr. Hardy a few questions about himself, his organization, and the upcoming event.

Q: What is J&K Ingredients most known for?

A: J&K Ingredients is most known for natural/organic mold inhibitors, dough improvers and icing stabilizers.

Q: What is something new or innovative that your company has done recently?

A: We recently launched a new product: SOR-Mate. This is a completely natural product that is the perfect replacement for preservatives like potassium sorbate. We are continuing to develop and expand our line of mold inhibitors under the Bred-Mate brand as well.

Q: What do you love most about the baking industry?

A: I have spent more than 30 years in this industry. I truly love the fact that I can go into any grocery store and see all the products that our industry colleagues have produced.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at this year’s BakingTECH?

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A: As program chair for BakingTECH 2020, I am most looking forward to the keynote speakers that will talk on two different topics: sustainability and being disruptive! Scott Stratten (The Age of Disruption) and Rich Berger (Clif Bar) will be presenting on these hot industry topics.

We also have a strong list of educational tracks including one from BEMA-U. For the first time ever, we have an all-female program committee! With the continued growth and great diversity in our industry, it was easy to put together a team of experienced and talented women. I have really enjoyed working with these amazing women and am looking forward to seeing the committee’s efforts come to fruition in Chicago.

Q: How will BEMA members most benefit from attending ASB’s BakingTECH?

A: The educational program will be something everyone should attend! We will have topics ranging from consumer insights to the evolution of automation.

We are also changing up the Baking Hall of Fame this year and having the inductees participate in a panel discussion.

The tabletop sessions are always worth attending, and we are shaking those up this year as well. During the week, everyone will have the opportunity to earn “baker bucks” to use at our Casino Night. During Tuesday afternoon table tops we will have baker-led gaming tables where you can use those “baker bucks” to win prizes and network with top industry professionals.

Q: How has serving on both boards helped you make an impact on the industry?

A: Industry participation at its highest level has been a wonderful opportunity for me professionally and personally. It has allowed me to make strong connections, influence initiatives that directly impact the industry and increase my knowledge of this grain-based market that I have grown to love.

Q: Anything else you would like BEMA members to know?

A: Volunteering to participate on the Conventions and Programs Committee for BEMA and being selected for a seat on the current BEMA Board of Directors has only deepened my understanding and desire to continue to support the baking industry.

 We are looking forward to seeing everyone at BakingTECH March 1-3 in Chicago. To register click here!

About J&K:

J&K Ingredients, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of bakery ingredients for the baking industry throughout the world. We have reached this benchmark, and will continue to uphold it, by:

  1. Providing customers with service that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations, and with products that are measurably superior to those of our competitors.
  2. Creating the best added value and customer satisfaction available. We do this by employing the most highly trained, skilled and knowledgeable people and by always making them available as a resource to our customers.
  3. Always delivering superior and innovative products, service and technical support (at competitive prices) through efficient operations. This allows us to achieve better returns for our customers.
  4. Upholding an environment where the top priority is achieving excellence through accountability and honesty. We help our employees to develop their skills and offer them opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement.
  5. Maintaining the highest standard of quality in each area that affects our customers.

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