100 Year Anniversary: A Century of Commitment, Innovation, and Connections

In September 1918, BEMA was organized by George Dean, president and general manager of Union Steel Products, in part to support the efforts during World War I. BEMA’s founding companies include: American Bakers Machinery Co., Champion Machinery Co., Haller Oven Co., Read Machinery Co., Micro-Westco, Inc., Peerless Bread Machinery Corp., The J.H. Day Co., Doughnut Corp. of America, Hobart MFG Co. and Union Machinery Co.

In 1979, BEMA began donating funds to allied organizations such as the American Institute of Baking.   The group has continued to provide support to many others, including contributing more than $1.5 million to the Grain Foods Foundation and providing more than $100,000 in scholarships to help members improve their skills and earn advanced degrees.

“We’ve discovered that BEMA’s story is one based on members’ innovation and passion for giving back to the industry and their community. We are proud to say that we still pursue the goals our founders set for the organization,” says Kerwin Brown, president & CEO of BEMA.  We are well positioned to serve another 100 years, because of the work of dedicated leaders to continue the tradition of providing a competitive advantage to our members.”

This anniversary year is a great excuse to introduce ourselves to new partners and supporters and reconnect with the individuals who have been huge supporters over the years who will help us tell our story.

The 100th anniversary of BEMA will bring a variety of congratulatory events in 2018. Special displays, awards and festivities are planned for the BEMA Summit, Feb. 24-25 in Chicago and Convention, June 19-23 in Los Cabos, Mexico.  New scholarship opportunities will also be announced this year. “A century of commitment, innovation, and connections” will be a central theme during the celebrations.

We also created an interactive historical timeline is also online—you can view it by clicking here.

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