BEMA Board Member Spotlight: Mike La Valle

Mike La Valle


Mike La Valle, Corporate Account Manager

Company: Intralox – Bakery & Snack Team

Q: What got you into the baking industry?

A: Left the banking industry after 13 years and moved to the baking industry

Q: Why do you love the business of baking?

A: The people and relationships. The fast-paced environment. Every day is a new challenge.

Q: Who do you consider a mentor in the industry? Who has made an impact on your career?

A: Going to be a big list: Rowdy Brixey, Robert Benton, Frank Achterberg, Clay Miller, Rick Hoskins, Jason Frye, Brad Taylor, Don Osborne, Jim Lonn, Rick Friese.

Q: What goals do you have for your board membership tenure?

A: To learn as much as possible from an amazing and diverse group of industry experts and to use that knowledge to help the industry move forward. Giving back to the industry. Getting the younger generation to see the importance of given back / volunteering. Establish new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Q: What trend are you most excited about in the baking industry right now?

A: Watching the next generation of bakers completely change the industry with technology and data-driven results.

Q: What was your favorite baked good as a kid, and now?

A: Coffee cake in the morning and white sheet cake with white icing for dessert.

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