BEMA Board Spotlight: Sergio Caballero

sergio caballero


Sergio Caballero, Regional Sales Manager

Company: FoodTools Inc.

Q: What got you into the baking industry?

A: FoodTools was a customer of mine when I worked for a delivery company and they were looking for help in production. I started with FoodTools part time in assembly and then worked my way into sales while I was going to school. 1998 was a long time ago and here I am still in it.

Q: Why do you love the business of baking?

A: The people and of course the baked products! The connections I have made with customers and other suppliers in this industry will last me a lifetime. Some of my closest friends work in this industry and we all support each other in everything we do. Did I mention the baked products???

Q: Who do you consider a mentor in the industry? Who has made an impact on your career?

A: I would have to say Marty Grano (President and CEO) of FoodTools as he is the one who gave me my start into the Baking industry. He was very impactful in the start of my career and I will forever be thankful. There are many others out there that have showed me what it looks like to be leaders in this industry and what success looks like.

Q: What goals do you have for your board membership tenure?

A: I want to continue to give back to the baking industry and being part of the BEMA Board is such an honor. BEMA has done so many good things in the 100+ years and I want to continue the traditions they have set forward.

Q: What trend are you most excited about in the baking industry right now?

A: Over the last few years we have seen automation grow and to see how things are progressing is fun to watch. We are growing more and more in this area and providing solutions for our customer is rewarding.

Q: What was your favorite baked good as a kid, and now?

A: Baked products weren’t a thing in my house but I have always loved Chocolate Chips cookies. To this day I still love them! I also really enjoy a good cheesecake.

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