BEMA Board Spotlight: Wendi Ebbing

Wendi Ebbing


Wendi Ebbing, Vice President of Marketing

Company: Bundy Baking Solutions

Q: What got you into the baking industry?

A: It wasn’t something I planned on, but after I started in the industry, I didn’t want to leave. Some of my first co-workers in the industry told me that, “Once you get flour in your blood, you can’t get it out!” and that has been true for me. I wouldn’t want to work in any other industry.

Q: Why do you love the business of baking?

A: So many things. I love the sense of purpose and the tremendous responsibility that the industry undertakes to feed the world. I love that so many people tie happy times and memories to baked goods and that we are a part of that. But most of all, I love the people within the industry and how genuine and supportive everyone is.

Q: Who do you consider a mentor in the industry? Who has made an impact on your career?

A: I have to start at the beginning of my career and say that Mickey Booth and Terry Bartsch made a tremendous impact. They gave me an opportunity to completely change my career path and get involved in marketing and sales which, in turn, allowed me to discover the industry and the companies and people that make it so great. I also have to say that the Bundy family, Gil Bundy in particular, has been a tremendous mentor to me. I have worked with the Bundy family for many years and through a lot of growth. The values, passion, and dedication that Gil and the Bundy family have are a great example of how business and relationships should be. I am very appreciative of the opportunities and experiences that they have given me.

Q: What goals do you have for your board membership tenure?

A: My goal for any responsibility I undertake is to make a difference. Not sit by idly, but to get involved, listen, collaborate, plan, and act. BEMA has done great things for the industry and I am excited to be able to contribute as a board member moving forward. If my contributions and abilities lead me to the position of BEMA chairman someday, that would be OK too.

Q: What trend are you most excited about in the baking industry right now?

A: Professionally, I am very excited about the advancements that the industry is making in the areas of technology and automation. Personally, I am excited about the health trends. For the first time in human history, the expected life span has decreased, and obviously, nutrition plays a big role in that. Healthier options and portion control trends in everything from bread to snack cakes, allow people to enjoy the foods they love and still achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Q: What was your favorite baked good as a kid, and now?

A: I come from a long line of home bakers, so we enjoyed every type of baked good growing up. Cookies, cakes, pies… you name it. If I had to choose just one baked good though, I would have to say brownies, then and now. But my grandma’s homemade pies are a very close second!

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