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apex motion control

Apex Motion Control – Doug Henderson – Regional Sales Manager

Doug Henderson

Doug Henderson has been at Apex Motion Control for 2 years.

Kelly Allen, Membership Manager for BEMA had an opportunity to ask Mr. Henderson a few questions about himself and the organization.

Q: Tell us about your company and the products/services you offer:

A: Apex Motion Control is a passionate group of highly skilled, creative thinkers dedicated to developing innovative and automated equipment solutions that helps automate highly repetitive tasks within the food and baking industry. Our equipment experts and engineers have a deep understanding of the industry and provide installation and support of our systems across the world, which includes Canada, USA, Japan, Korea, Australia and Europe.

We design and manufacture turn-key automation systems specializing in robotics, machine automation and vision for the baking and food industry. We develop, innovate and introduce equipment process automation that helps our customers increase production capacity, lower manufacturing costs, reduce downtime and reduce workplace injury.

Make life simple, hire a robot.

Cake Layering apex motion control

Q: What is something new or innovative your company has done recently?

A: While we are always pushing for new and innovative technology that help streamline and simplify processes in bakery manufacturing, there are a few things that come to mind with recent additions to our line of equipment.

1. Deco-Bot:
An all in one robotic decorating station that is capable of accurately decorating cakes and cupcakes with that home made look. Write, draw, drizzle and decorate round or sheet cakes with roses, or finish cupcakes with swirls, rosettes and roses. The Deco-Bot helps create a consistent product while helping with skilled labor shortages and
repetitive stress injuries.

2. Smart Conveyors:
Technology-based conveyors that move your products within space constraints and configurations that work best for your production footprint Specifically, the Cake Layering Conveyor automates the process of layering iced layers of cake to help prevent breakage and product waste — it also keeps your production staff concentrating on more value added tasks.

Q: What do you love most about the baking industry?

A: Since I’ve been in the baking industry, I’ve been quite taken by the community of it. There are many competitors, but all one community that have respect for such time-honored products and processes.

Q: How did you get started in the baking industry?

A: It was a lucky break for me! Hired in sales by a company that needed my skillset at the time. 10 years later, here we are.

Q: What drew you and your company to join BEMA?

A: BEMA has a long well-respected standing within the baking industry. Being part of BEMA helps us become a trusted equipment automation company among this family of bakery members.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A: Spending time with my family, being as active as possible, and maybe a little golf.

Q: Anything else you want our members to know about you or your company?

A: We are experts at integration with numerous OEM’s throughout the world. We also sponsor Glitch, a team of engineers in California that design a robot to compete on the TV show Battlebots.

BEMA-Colors-Separator-Line-1-1536x10ABOUT APEX MOTION CONTROL

We are a full service automation company located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, and have been in business since 2000. Apex is committed to helping you increase capacity, lower manufacturing costs, reduce downtime, increase product consistency and reduce workplace injury.

Apex builds turn-key automation systems for food, bakery, and dairy manufacturing which include robotics, machine automation and vision. We handle the design, fabrication, product tests, installation and support for all of the systems we build. You can find many Apex machines and systems in operation throughout the world.

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