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Brolite – Jeff Nelson – Western VP of Sales

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Members since 2009

Jeff Nelson has been the Western VP of Sales for Brolite for the last 17 years, providing large commercial bakeries with the high quality ingredients they want and need for perfect taste and amazing texture, making sure that intoxicating, fresh baked smell is wafting for miles on end!

Kelly Allen, Membership Manager for BEMA had an opportunity to ask Mr. Nelson a few questions about himself and the organization.

Q: What is Brolite most known for?

A: Brolite Products is a 94 year old, family owned, SQF Certified manufacturer of high quality bakery ingredients. We work closely with bakers to develop and deliver solutions to their unique issues which is why our slogan is “the perfect blend”. We strive to deliver the perfect blend for each customers needs. Our product lines include grain blends, cultures and sours, dough conditioning systems including enzyme based alternatives, organic and clean label, egg and milk replacers, bases and concentrates, tortilla and flatbread options, keto and certified gluten free products, stabilizers and much much more.


Q: How did you get started in the baking industry?

A: Baking is actually legacy for me although it was not the one I thought I wanted to pursue. My maternal grandfather was a baker and my father was the VP of Sales for a large regional bakery. I started working summers washing pans at 15 and over the next summers I learned more and more things and then I was hooked. I cannot imagine doing anything else. I feel so blessed to do what I love and I have made a great living in this industry. A large part of that is working for an organization like Brolite Products who, although we have products decades old, are still leader on the cutting edge of ingredient innovation. The desire to take care of our customers is ingrained throughout all employees regardless of the department where they work. Great industry and a great company makes the days enjoyable.

Q: Would you like to share something new or innovative that your company has done recently?

A: Keto and our new gluten free location have been exciting to watch grow. This year with supply chain issues offered many opportunities for getting things like gluten, and egg replacement options to the market. Some of our cultured products, such as our sours and cultured butter are considered standards in the industry. Many times we receive calls from bakers who are recreating an old product from their bakery and they call to order “Brolite” having no idea we have a very large product line.

Q: What drew your company to join BEMA? What resources have you found most valuable?

A: BEMA is one of most highly respected organizations serving the baking industry. They’re innovative and constantly work to deliver service to their members and to the baking industry. We knew this was the type of organization we wanted to support and become active in their future growth. Also, the evolution of ingredients go hand in hand with the equipment evolution. These two segments need to continue working together to support the baking industry.

Q: What do you love most about the baking industry?

A: That’s an easy one. THE PEOPLE. The baking industry attracts some characters but almost anyone who lasts in this industry more than a year become passionate about he industry. The people in the bakeries as well as the support industries are among the greatest people I know and I count many as my dear friends. Your days are never boring as the industry is constantly evolving and innovating and I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring to our Industry. We do need to work even harder to recruit new young bakers to join our industry to help it continue to thrive.

Q: Please share any personal interests or volunteer activities that you enjoy.

A: Obviously in sales we spend a lot of time on the road so when I am home I want to spend time with my wife and grown children but my favorite time is the days I get to spend with my grandsons. Taking them fishing, watching them grow and learn is one of the greatest gifts and I enjoy every minute.

BEMA-Colors-Separator-Line-1-1536x10ABOUT BROLITE

When it comes to rolling, kneading and crafting natural dough. When it comes to baking the freshest, most flavorful artisan bread still steaming from the oven. When it comes to trusting the quality of ingredients, the best bakeries have one thing in common . . . they all begin with Brolite.

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