BEMA Member Company Spotlight – Delkor Systems, Inc.


Delkor Systems, Inc. – Dan Altman, VP of Sales & Marketing
Members of BEMA for 20 years

Dan AltmanDan Altman is the VP of Sales & Marketing at Delkor Systems, Inc.

Kelly Allen, Membership Manager for BEMA, had an opportunity to ask Dan a few questions about himself and the organization.

Q: Tell us about your company and the products/services you offer:

A: Delkor Systems, Inc. is a secondary and tertiary packaging machinery manufacturer focusing on vision based robotics. From individual machines to fully automated systems, Delkor lines can go from the oven or filler to the finished stretched wrapped pallet.

Specializing in case packing and basket loading for the baking industry, Delkor provides robotic loaders for bread, wrapped products, bars, pouches and much more. In addition, Delkor works with our customers in package design, reducing material usage and meeting the industry goals and needs of sustainability.

Q: What is something new or innovative your company has done recently?

A: Delkor has recently introduced a new bread loading line with divider for case packing. At speeds nearing 90 loafs per minute, this innovative design is the first of its kind in packing bread with a divider.

delkor bread loaf case packer

Handling many bread varieties, the Delkor system will pick up the loafs and the divider simultaneously and deliver the products to the case. The second layer rests on the divider preventing any bread compression often found in multiple layer case packing. This innovative design is the first of its kind in the baking industry.

Q: What do you love most about the baking industry?

A: The most exciting thing about packaging in the baking industry is the extreme variety of of products that we deal with for every project. Baked goods are all different from product to product.

Irregular sizes and shapes, enrobed products, soft products and different structures make every project a fun challenge. In addition, there are always new products being introduced in the baking industry that make each project a challenge but fun and rewarding to work on.

Q: How did you get started in the baking industry?

A: When I entered the world of robotics in packaging about 25 years ago, I was immediately introduced to the baking industry. Like all industries, the baking industry was motivated to automate and robotics certainly meets the need.

Product de-panning, tray and carton forming loading and closing, case packing and robotic palletizing have been a part of my history in the baking industry for roughly 25 years.

Q: What drew you and your company to join BEMA?

A: As a company, Delkor Systems, Inc. joined BEMA for the tremendous networking opportunities with our existing customers, potential new customers, and to fully understand the always changing needs of the baking industry.

The annual meeting has been extremely beneficial to Delkor, not only allowing us to meet our customers and potential customers in a different setting, but to continually educate ourselves as to what is new and evolving in the baking industry.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A: As a cabin owner in Northern WI, it is all the things associated with that. Boating, fishing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling and relaxing lead the list. I water ski, snow ski and am an avid hockey fan with season tickets to the MN Wild hockey team.

Q: Anything else you want our members to know about you or your company?

A: As a company, Delkor is much more than an equipment supplier. We pride ourselves on helping our customers meet their sustainability goals and use our packaging lab to develop the correct packaging for their application.

When it comes to service, Delkor believes that this is far more important than the machinery itself. As we all know, things do happen and our customers expect Delkor to be there for them during difficult times. As a true partner, this philosophy separates us from our competition.

About Delkor Systems, Inc.:

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Delkor has a nationwide reputation for offering innovative and versatile solutions from individual packaging machines to complete line integration for the distribution of your products. We accomplish this every day with more than 350 employees working from our 300,000-square-foot plant.

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