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BEMA-U was back on the road and back in action providing training to the sales team at Peerless Food Equipment. It was my pleasure to join Eric Cruse, General Manager, and his team for two days of customized Sales Effectiveness training.

Connecting with customers has taken on a whole new meaning over the last 18 months, making now the perfect time to focus on people-centered solutions and communication strategies. I had the opportunity to talk with Eric after the training. Continue reading to hear what he had to say about the training experience!BEMA-Colors-Separator-Line-1-1536x10

Emily: Can you tell me what you found most meaningful about the training?

Eric: There are many great aspects to this training but I found the most meaningful to be the discussion on indicators to recognize and connect with the leading personality style that resonates with your intended audience. These subtle indicators help an individual not only craft their message, but allows them to fully understand the message of their customer, which is of course far more important. The benefits of this training and that single lesson will help us develop a personal, consultative type relationship and allow us to get to the actual need as we UNDERSTAND our client and their message much more quickly.

Emily: You’ve attended a BEMA-U training session previously. Do you find the concepts easy to utilize in real life situations? 

Eric: This is the second time I have attended the training, and I have applied the learnings to reach and understand my customers for a few years now. Going through it again brought forth new aspects, especially as it relates to generational differences and messaging.


Emily: What’s one thing you would change to improve the training?

Eric: If I were to have any “constructive” criticism for the training it would center on the time. There is so much good information and training here that the time flew by and it left me wondering what else we could have covered with another day.


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