Convention 2023 Reflection: The Women’s Bakery Update

The Women’s Bakery Update

On Saturday, June 24th, at the Chairman’s Dinner and Dance, BEMA Convention 2023 attendees had the opportunity to hear from Francoise. Fran began her career as an intern at The Women’s Bakery (TWB) and is now a Development and Communications Manager, “I am a true example of an empowered woman because of my work with The Women’s Bakery.”

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The Women’s Bakery

BEMA first began a partnership with TWB five years ago. In those five years, BEMA President/CEO, Kerwin Brown has visited Rwanda and TWB. Many BEMA members have become involved with TWB helping to fund substantial growth of the program.

In 2017, ~180 units of bread sold, on foot, per day. Now, in 2023, ~18,300 units of bread are sold, via vehicles, per day.

The Women’s Bakery

Through their One Bread Project, TWB now feeds over 17,000 children.

Over 50 women are gainfully employed at TWB, empowering them and their families.

The Women’s Bakery

Interested in learning more and getting involved with this great organization? Learn more at The Women’s Bakery website. If inclined, please make donations here.

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