How You Can Use Virtual Reality at IBIE 2019

Virtual Reality at the 2019 IBIEAugmented  + Virtual Reality Solutions

Written by Freeman Group, July 20, 2018


About Helios Interactive

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Helios specializes in building engaging, interactive experiences for consumers in the events and retail channels. We use a variety of technologies to achieve our goals, including touch, gesture, augmented reality and virtual reality. Our pursuit to create better brand interactions results in thoughtful design, effective social sharing, and meaningful data collection. This focus helps us meet our clients goals, both now and in the future.

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Technologies like augmented and virtual reality are simply tools that allow brands to tell incredibly immersive and interactive stories that drive sales and results. For example, you can digitize your product offerings, interact with equipment or use this technology for training purposes. The options below are just starting points, please contact Helios for a solution tailored for you needs.

Mobile Augmented Reality

Utilizing tablets with a custom augmented reality application, give your audience the ability to interact and learn more about your products and services. Attendees can point at targeted markers to get helpful animations, tooltips, videos and more.

Portable Virtual Reality

Attendees can use a mobile VR headsets, pre-loaded with a custom application that allows attendees to explore and experience your product and service in interactive stereoscopic, 360-degrees views.

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