IBIE 2019 Insights – KSU Students at IBIE

Kerwin BrownKerwin Brown, President/CEO

Did you notice these extra young faces at International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) last month? Let me tell you the story of how these students (the future of our industry!) came to be in Las Vegas with us.

Three years ago, after the 2016 IBIE, Robb Mackie, American Bakers Association president, and I met with the Department of Grain Science and Industry at KSU and asked what would it take to have more students at IBIE. Robb and I wanted to give as many students as possible an opportunity to see the best showcase in North America for everything to do with the baking industry: retail, industrial, equipment, ingredient, services, demos, education.

Finances were certainly a factor, so Robb and I talked to our boards and decided to contribute funds to KSU with the sole purpose of getting more students to the show.

What a thrill to see this group of students—our industry’s future, on the show floor. Here are the students along with their professor and Grain Science and Industry Department Chair, Dr. Gordon Smith.

Students from Kansas State University attend IBIE 2019Students from Kansas State University attending IBIE 2019 as part of a scholarship program supported by BEMA and ABA


Kind thank you note from Kansas State students who attended IBIE 2019A kind thank you note from the students at Kansas State University who attended IBIE 2019

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