IBIE 2019 Insights – The Role Of Technology In The Baking And Manufacturing Industry

Kerwin BrownKerwin Brown, President/CEO

After day 1 of the IBIE 2019 show, we caught up with Kerwin to get his thoughts about the day, the technology solutions being featured at the show and the educational opportunities being presented at IBIEducate.

Q: It feels like there is a focus on technology when it comes to the 2019 IBIE show, what do you think is driving that?

A: It comes from the constant change in the industry and we see that very specifically in the topics that are being presented in our IBIEducate sessions. This year, we have speakers presenting on topics that include robotics, augmented reality, and social media and branding.

IBIE Session Robotics

All of these topics are important because of the change in operational technologies like automation help our members adapt their product offerings and offer benefits such as reduced waste, improved efficiency, and staff optimization. On the production and marketing site, we have presenters helping discuss the mass-adoption of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and the ability to leverage those channels to connect with customers and expand their marketing opportunities.

Our presenters, and the companies they represent, are excited to show off their uses of new technology and IBIE 2019 is a great place to do that.

Q: In your answers regarding day 1, you mentioned the drayage change and how that allowed show participants to bring more equipment. Did that include booths featuring technology?

A: Definitely! We see quite a few robots and automated systems on the floor performing complicated tasks ranging from packaging to ingredient delivery to virtual reality training.

Robotics and automation was a big part of the IBIE 2019 show

We actually have multiple booths on the floor that provide a full VR experience using headsets and controllers.

Q: The virtual reality booths do look amazing! Can you tell us a little more about them and what opportunities are being delivered being VR?

A: There are a variety of different VR experiences at the show that are being used to train their teams worldwide, and increase efficiencies by reducing service-tech’s need to travel. One example is a sit-down simulation at the AIB International booth, where users can view a demo of food safety programs through their VirtualInspector program. Participants can walk through a food safety simulation and identify “hotspots” that could help them locate potential issues in their production process.

Multiple virtual reality demos were available throughout the IBIE 2019 show

The second experience is located at the iba booth and offers virtual walkthroughs of top bakeries on a national and international level. Visitors to the booth can see everything from the initial mixing of ingredients to the creation of the final product from both an industrial and retail perspective.

I really encourage anyone visiting the show to stop by and take some time to experience these virtual tours and learning experiences.

Q: You also mentioned the Innovation Showcase yesterday. How have technology advancements helped those featured companies advance?

A: Technology is certainly helping the members of our Innovation Showcase advance their own companies, but even more importantly, they’re helping advance the overall industry.

For example, CAMCORP has developed new storage systems that reduce moisture and keep sugar from clumping in the delivery process. As a result, there are potentially fewer issues in production.

Another great example is IJ White and their design of cooling and proofing systems that use less square footage and allow their customers to save space and, effectively save money.

On the software side of things, Shick Esteve is featured for their development of their Clarity IIOT software that monitors food production systems and can give real-time analytics, allowing for more rapid decision-making.

Overall, it’s great to see our participants showcasing the various ways they have embraced emerging technologies and integrated them into their products and business. So far, IBIE 2019 has definitely been a great show with respect to new and innovative equipment, products, and processes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week has to offer.


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