IBIE Quarterly Newsletter 11/16

IBIE Newsletter

20/20 Hindsight and Future Opportunities at IBIE 2022

While it could be easy to dismiss 2020 as an unfortunate year better forgotten, we can’t deny that the last 12 months have pushed the industry in ways many of us never thought possible. In the span of just a few months, the industry has met unimaginable demand while simultaneously demonstrating an outpouring of generous support and assistance to those in need.

Much like other difficulties the industry has weathered over the years, 2020 will become a historical touchpoint. Seen through the prism of the last 100 years of IBIE and counting, we see the industry is no stranger to the impact of world events, tragedies and industrial and technological revolutions. Even through the financial uncertainties of the Great Depression, wartime reallocation and privations, terrorism and the Great Recession the industry persevered, and 2020 will be no exception.

Focused and Resilient

Throughout the year, we’ve witnessed mounting evidence of how members of the baking industry are #BakingStrong to meet evolving challenges and creating new milestones in the process. Improvements in energy conservation, sanitary systems, maintenance, food safety, packaging, staffing and meeting growing consumer expectations for health and wellness are just a few of the ways the industry is innovating to build a better tomorrow.

The possibility of such resiliency is continually bolstered by those who make up the industry, the hardworking bakers, millers, farmers, frontline workers and suppliers who supported charitable initiatives, including the provision of critical PPE at the height of the pandemic.


These individuals demonstrate first-hand how the industry continues to work together to problem solve and innovate, and these initiatives lay the groundwork for strengthening the industry for years to come. This includes conversations around new ways to market and sell, increased work flexibility for employees on and off the plant floor and looking at ways to incorporate augmented and virtual reality for training, marketing and maintenance purposes.

Planning Ahead

As we anticipate the fresh start of a new year, now is the time to consider the many benefits of sharing what we’ve faced throughout the year in ways that will benefit our peers and colleagues in anticipation of what lies ahead. Following a challenging year of change and growth, the shared experience of IBIE promises the industry an opportunity to dive deeper as we develop a clearer vision of the next important steps toward improving the future of the industry.

As we reflect on our collective learnings, adaptations and innovations, it provides an incentive for each of us to make the most of the possible connections, networking and problem-solving available at IBIE 2022. With this in mind, the IBIE committee continues to be on the lookout for ways to maximize and improve the impact and experience of participants and boost the global marketplace at large.

IBIE 2021

With expansion of the Las Vegas convention center anticipated to be complete by mid-December and Round 1 booth selection just around the corner in spring 2021, now is the time to explore the many opportunities IBIE offers as it relates to your business and your network, complete with all the necessary safety and hygienic measures in mind.

In the New Year, watch for important information about Phase 1 space sales in your inbox. We anticipate great interest, so don’t delay.

Lastly, let’s not forget or minimize all that’s gone into the whirlwind of 2020. The hard work and commitment shown by members of our industry will forever remain important building blocks of character and tenacity. Soon with the benefit of time and hindsight, this year will become yet another example of how a difficult time has made the baking industry stronger.

Dennis Gunnell
Your IBIE 2022 Chairman

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