Meet The New Team Member: Morgan Gittemeier

morgan gittemeier

Describe your new role with BEMA:

I am very excited to be working for BEMA and communicating with our members as the Project Coordinator. This role brings an opportunity to provide administrative and project-based support for various BEMA projects and gatherings.

I’ll be learning from the best, as I assist the team with the coordination of events, conferences, membership initiatives, and any special projects!

What are your goals for where you want to take this role?

It’s such an honor to be growing and developing greater people and organizational skills as I continue in my role with BEMA. I have always been inclined towards events and people, so my goal is to contribute to caring for our members and continuing to bring ease to the industry through incredible events like Convention, NEXUS, and more that are focused on furthering innovation and business.

morgan fast facts

It is so special to see how we’re empowering women and a more diverse environment within the baking world and I hope to be a part of this solution and continued growth.

What do you love the most about the industry?

There is so much passion that envelops this industry!! When I first came in contact with BEMA, I didn’t realize the expansive reach and impact that the baking industry has, but over the last few years of learning and following along, our member’s passion is what stuck out the most.

Everyone I have come in contact with takes extreme ownership and has an excitement for their area, whether they are developing or innovating a new machine or they are working with new ingredients to enhance the flavors of the everyday favorites! Their passion is contagious and really shows how much time, attention, and art goes into every area of the baking industry.

morgan fast facts

What’s your favorite baked good?

My favorite baked good is an Almond Croissant. I can never get enough of the delicious almond filling combined with a freshly made croissant that is flaky, warm, and soft on the inside, yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I will never turn down a baked good of any kind, especially if it’s sweet and warm.

morgan fast facts

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