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Avant Food Media debuts B2B retail baking platform Craft to Crumb

KANSAS CITY, MO — Avant Food Media, a B2B media provider exclusively dedicated to the baking industry, is proud to announce the launch of its newest title, Craft to Crumb.

The contemporary, interactive B2B title dials in on retail and artisan baking through a casual but informed style of conversation. Avant Food Media amplified its trusted voice through its flagship publication Commercial Baking, and the team is bringing its storytelling expertise and flair for building baker relationships to the retail baking community.

“I couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Craft to Crumb for the retail and artisan bakery sector,” said Paul Lattan, president and principal of Avant Food Media. “As with our flagship, Commercial Baking, Craft to Crumb offers elevated media products in every platform. With this addition, Avant has become the only media provider exclusively dedicated to baking … from commercial to retail.”

As a digitally driven outlet, Craft to Crumb coverage includes the latest consumer trends, product development insights and industry learnings on its website and social media outlets. Media offerings include an array of multimedia content, a newsletter and quarterly digital “mini mags” that spotlight an innovative high-volume retail baker. The inaugural issue is set to debut in March.

“I started my trade journalism career covering the retail baking industry, and Craft to Crumb is taking me back to those roots,” said Joanie Spencer, Avant Food Media director of content and partner and editor-in-chief of Craft to Crumb. “I’m loving talking to retail bakers again and seeing the love they have for this craft.”

Craft to Crumb reflects Avant Food Media’s success and serves as a key indicator for the company’s growth potential. “We founded Avant with a goal to disrupt the standard for B2B media, and the addition of Craft to Crumb drives that vision forward,” said Steve Berne, VP and principal of Avant Food Media. “I’m elated for the official launch of this new title and the opportunities it offers the retail baking community.”


About Craft to Crumb

Craft to Crumb is a contemporary, interactive media source designed to foster community by sharing insights and inspiration for the retail baking industry. This Avant Food Media title is a crafted celebration of trendsetters and boundary breakers.

Visit Craft to Crumb to learn more and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

About Avant Food Media

Focused on the future, Avant Food Media has established a completely new model of modernized B2B coverage to deliver relevant, meaningful content to readers while creating increased visibility, partnership, and genuine support of its customers. Avant Food Media is the parent company of Commercial Baking and Craft to Crumb.

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