Recipients of IBIE BEST in Baking Awards

IBIE, together with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, announced the 2022 BEST in Baking winners and we were so excited to see BEMA members be recognized for their sustainability, efficiency and more!

Meet the BEMA member recipients of IBIE’s 2022 BEST in Baking awards!

AMF Bakery Systems

AMF Bakery Systems received the top honor for sustainability. AMF Bakery Systems’ Sustainable Oven Service (SOS) improves efficiency, reduces energy use, reduces environmental impact and brings a notable focus on sustainability to the baking industry. SOS helps bakers and operators improve efficiency, quality, and reduce the energy usage of your oven. Often resulting in saving up to 20% on natural gas, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20%, reducing waste, and improving product quality and consistency.



Apex Motion Control

Apex Motion Control received the top honor for automation and robotics. Apex Motion Control’s Baker-Bot automates a manual process, improving throughput, and reducing labor requirements. Make sure to visit them at IBIE Booth 612 to check out their newest Baker-Bot MAX Cobot.

Apex Motion Control


Bundy Baking Solutions

Bundy Baking Solutions received the top honor for plant efficiency as they made notable improvements to their operational efficiency, not related to automation or robotics.

Bundy Baking


Middleby Food Processing

Middleby Food Processing received the top honor for sanitation, bringing a notable level of improvement to equipment and facility sanitation in the baking industry.



Congratulations to all of the IBIE BEST in Baking winners! We cannot wait to see you all in a few short weeks.

Check out all of the IBIE BEST In Baking Award winners for 2022 here:

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