Resources For BEMA Members During Coronavirus

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Dear BEMA Member,

In these unprecedented times, BEMA will strive to continue fulfilling our mission to you by connecting, educating and providing resources that are relevant to your current business needs. There is an overwhelming amount of news and media coverage of the COVID-19 global health crisis.

Below, you will find resources, each providing a wealth of up-to-date information essential to leading your workforce and our industry through this challenging situation. We thank you for continuing to do your part to fulfill the global food supply and wish you health and safety in the weeks ahead.


Resources For BEMA Members During Coronavirus

1. The Coronavirus pandemic is impacting every facet of our industry, including customers, employees, logistics, and maintenance. Keep current with what’s happening state-by-state with this guide provided by the National Association of Manufacturers.

2. One of the biggest challenges being discussed is facility safety and security. Who is allowed to come to work? Which employees are deemed non-essential? The US Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) provides detailed information regarding the Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers. They have also provided valuable information specifically focused on the Critical Manufacturing Sector.

3. What do employers do if they suspect an employee is sick? Does a diagnosed case within a manufacturing facility require that the entire facility to be sanitized? What are the requirements?  The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention provide recommended procedures for disinfection, symptoms and testing, and much more.

4. In certain situations, the demand for product (e.g. bread/buns) is exceeding the capacity to produce. How are manufacturers managing to meet demand in-light of government guidance that employees should work remotely? The Society for Human Resource Management released an article on this very topic.

5. Managing the workforce, workplace safety, HR policy, and telework are all hot topics. Where can you find government and other reliable resources for workplace issues related to the coronavirus? Several government agencies have provided resources to help workers and employers navigate workplace issues related to COVID-19.

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