‘Twas the Tale of 2020

A poem inspired by the thoughts and sentiments of our members and industry friends.bema-2020-wordcloud-white-bg-3000x1500

Remember February? It was not so long ago.

February was nice, our industry all together in Chicago.

The year was new with so much to anticipate,

Little did we know a Pandemic would march through the gate.


A word that would soon play on repeat;

And bring us to wear Masks when we walked down the street.

A word that would soon Polarize and then divide,

The spread of an epidemic that would not soon subside.


The spring dawned Unprecedented and very Unique.

Something our generation had not been through nor would seek.

Faced with Challenges, decisions, opportunities… and more,

The Unexpected being witnessed on every aisle at the grocery store.


Events were Canceled and airplanes were grounded;

Zoom and Teams calls are how businesses rebounded.

The year grew more Turbulent as we experienced lockdowns,

Political protests and turmoil began creeping into our towns.


The baking industry was deemed Essential,

The demand for food reached an Exceptional potential.

Consumers wanted every cracker, bagel and pastry;

While producers toiled over providing their workforce Safety.


Adapt or Die, choose victory over defeat,

We didn’t let the Disruptive nature of the world lock us in our seats.

Synonymous with survival, Adaptability reigned supreme;

Organizations learned how to conduct business with a new definition of lean.


Complicated for sure, with new rules, guidelines and problems to bear;

A Bittersweet moment to celebrate a record year with so much despair.

It’s important to keep Perspective because 2020 affected us all,

Considering graduations, weddings, and funerals…it was a 3&2 Curveball.


2020 has been a time for Connecting in new and meaningful ways,

Investing in friendships to not let the year become a haze.

Embracing the Opportunity to challenge our perspectives like never before;

Relying on our Cathartic resilience, to impact the baking industry for the future evermore.


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