4 ways BEMA gives you a competitive advantage: #4– Financial Strength And Sustainability

Kerwin BrownKerwin Brown, President/CEO

In the previous three blog posts, I told you how Innovative Training and Education, Member-Focused Value and Engagement, and Alliances and Partnerships give you an overwhelming competitive advantage.

As a precisely woven web, our first three strategic endeavors combine and feed the fourth element of our value offering: financial strength and sustainability.

Much like bread feeds and nourishes the world, financial security feeds and nourishes our association and the ability and agility to achieve our mission.

At times, being married to a strategic plan can feel limiting. However, we see results when we stick to the plan and put in the work.

It’s no different than mastering a new hobby or committing to a new gym routine. Discipline and focus, over time, deliver results.

Perseverance and hard work pay off in the long run

BEMA’s financial strength is one that not only allows but compels an investment back into the industry. Proceeds from IBIE and membership activities are invested back into programs, into the industry and into our members at the direction and passion of our board of directors.

I’m inspired to lead BEMA, with the support and strategic vision of our Board of Directors and the wealth of experience that comes with our past chairman, into 2020 and beyond.

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